Ford Transit Custom TVA Sport Bodykit

TVA Sport Body Kit- Big Thank You

We want to say a big thank you to all our Ford Transit Custom customers including the Ford dealerships that have purchased from us. We are delighted to have developed our new  TVA Sport bodykit that’s gone down a treat with all our customers in 2016. May I add that it has not been easy developing the long wheel base version of or body kits. Neither Ford or ourselves realised the nuances particular to the long wheel base. Well to cut a very long story short we have overcome all the challenges and we are proud to be one of the first companies in the UK to offer our TVA Sport body kit in long wheel base, even for the twin cab with two side opening doors.

We stock all the common Ford colours and this year we have taken the decision to offer the less common colours straight from our UK warehouse. We try our best to keep in stock all the range of colours aligned to all the Ford Transit Custom body shape variants, as you can imagine this is challenging in itself. Our sales team are warm and friendly and will always keep you updated on any lead time orders, your business is important to us. We check Ford’s data base via a web checker tool for colour match and body shape variant making sure we send the correct kit.

TVA Sport Bodykit-Fitting

When developing the TVA Sport body kit, I wanted to get my hands dirty and try an install. So our technician gritted his teeth and agreed to let me have a go. I was very happy with the end result, however our technician was eager to point out my mistakes which I suppose he was right. Thinking of my lessons learned we made a video to help ones install their newly purchased kit. The video also helps ones to assess if they wish to use our fitting service, we are not pushing our service, otherwise we wouldn’t have made the video. Nonetheless it’s reassuring to our customers that we are here to help if you run into difficulties.

TVA Ford Custom Rear Spoilers

We are proud in the knowledge that our bodykits are installed on new showroom vans to enhance their saleability. Repeat business from these dealers is evidence in itself of how our product is being accepted within the market. Dealers also finish their vans with our colour coded  rear spoilers. We stock Ford’s common colours and can offer the full range subject to a short lead time. We’ve had plenty of good reviews about our Ford Transit Custom rear spoilers and don’t hesitate in offering our fitting service if required.

Exciting news too, we have developed a TVA Sport kit for the new Ford Connect it looks Stunning!!



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